Website Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, the word "Mediacom," "we," "us" or "our" refers to Mediacom Communications Corporation and/or any of its controlled subsidiaries using this Website to provide services or information to the public.

This Privacy Policy explains the kinds of personally identifiable information, if any, that Mediacom collects when you visit this Website, how we collect and use it and when we may disclose it to third parties. The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (which we refer to as "the Cable Act") contains restrictions on the collection, disclosure and retention by cable operators of personally identifiable information about subscribers to cable television or certain other services. If you use this Website as a subscriber to a Mediacom service of this kind, then the special privacy provisions of the Cable Act may apply to you. As required by the Cable Act, we give subscribers, at the time of installation and annually while they continue as subscribers, a separate written Subscriber Privacy Notice. If you are a subscriber to a Mediacom service, then you should read this Privacy Policy together with the Subscriber Privacy Notice. You can obtain a copy of the Subscriber Policy Notice by contacting us as instructed under "What If I Have Questions About This Privacy Policy?" below or link to the Subscriber Privacy Notice below.

As the term suggests, information is "personally identifiable" if it can be used to identify or contact an individual, such as his or her name, and address or telephone number or information about an individual's activities on or through this Website that is specifically linked to him or her.

What Personally Identifiable Information Is Collected On This Website? How Is That Information Used?

Whenever you visit this Website, even if you do nothing but view, browse or download information, our systems automatically record certain anonymous information such as the IP address of your computer, the date and time of your visit and the Webpages or services you accessed at this Website. We may also permit a third-party service provider to collect and analyze your browsing to determine if you are likely to purchase services or modify your existing services from us. We use this data only in non-personally identifiable form for measuring the usage of various areas of this Website and other purposes related to the administration or enhancement of this Website or for a third party service provider to extend offers for more personalized interactions with you, for example, via telephone or online chat.

From time to time we may make optional services or features available on this Website. Some may be available to you only if you provide us with personally identifiable information. For example, we may let you use this Website to subscribe to our cable television or other services or, if you are already a subscriber, to review your service account. If you have to provide personally identifiable information to use a feature or resource of this Website, you will know because you will have to fill out a form or enter that information on this Website or accept an invitation for a more personalized interaction. Some of the information we ask for will be mandatory, meaning that it must be provided in order for you to take advantage of an offer or a feature of this site. Some is optional, meaning that you do not need to provide it in order to participate in an offer or use a feature. It will always be your choice as to whether to give us or any third party service provider acting on our behalf any of the personally identifiable or other requested information, but you will not be able to take advantage of certain offers or features if you do not give us the mandatory required information.

We may have or acquire personally identifiable information about you otherwise than because of your use of this Website. For example, we may obtain it from our business partners or other third parties or if you subscribe for any of our services "offline."

Subject to applicable law, we may use any such personally identifiable information that you provide for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To render a service to you.
  • To operate and safeguard our network and systems.
  • For billing and ordering purposes.
  • To contact you about services, products or other matters we think may be of interest to you.
  • For legal, accounting and other purposes related to our business.
  • For any other purpose that we clearly identify at the time we request the information.

Does Mediacom Use Cookies To Collect Information?

We and third parties may use cookies or clear gifs to collect information about usage of and shopping/purchasing activities on this Website. A cookie is a small data file that contains a unique identification number that is placed on your computer. We may use either "session ID" cookies or "persistent" cookies. For the session ID cookie, once users close the browser, the cookie simply terminates. A persistent cookie is stored on the hard drive of the user's computer for an extended period of time. Usually, you can prevent a cookie from being placed on your computer or remove persistent cookies by following the directions in the "Help" file for your Internet browser. If you do so, however, you may not be able to take full advantage of all that this Website offers.

Clear gifs (sometimes also called "Web Beacons" or "Web Bugs" or "1x1 Pixels") are small bits of code embedded in some Webpages. Unlike cookies, there currently is no convenient way for computer users who are not experts to remove or block clear gifs.

A cookie or clear gif does not actually identify a visitor to this Website. It just identifies the particular browser used and lets our systems count or "remember" certain choices made by the anonymous browser user during a visit. However, if you have voluntarily provided personally identifiable information to a party that uses a persistent cookie, then your personally identifiable information may be stored on the cookie and your identity will be known to anyone with access to that cookie until you delete that cookie. We use cookies and clear gifs for purposes of administering and enhancing this Website, such as building a better site based on what we learn about the frequency of visits to various areas of our site. We may also use them to improve the experience of repeat visitors to this site, such as by letting them avoid having to re-enter information previously provided. For example, if a password is needed to access an area of this Website, we might use a cookie so that users will not have to log in a password more than once, thereby saving time during repeat visits.

What Disclosures Of Personally Identifiable Information Are Made To Third Parties?

We may share personally identifiable information, if any, about you with other companies, individuals, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement or government agencies as follows:

  • When we have your consent.
  • When it is necessary or convenient to provide a product, service or information you have ordered or requested. This includes providing it to companies who work on behalf of Mediacom to provide a product or service to you.
  • If we believe that your actions on our Website violate or may violate Mediacom's Website Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy or any agreement or policies regarding a specific service or product you order.
  • To respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process or when we believe disclosure is otherwise required or authorized by law or is necessary to prevent imminent danger of death or physical harm to you or others.
  • To investigate and/or respond to illegal activity, fraud, abuse or unauthorized reception.
  • Under any other circumstances that we describe to you before or at the time we obtain the information.

In addition, Mediacom may transfer ownership of or an interest in all or part of the business of providing a service you subscribe for or any other business for which we use your records. If so, we may disclose or transfer your records to the purchaser or other party to the extent necessary or advisable to complete the transaction or permit the purchaser or other party to continue to provide you with that service or conduct that business. This kind of transaction could take the form of a merger, sale of stock or assets, formation of a joint venture, investment or some other structure.

Can Third Parties Learn About Me Otherwise Than Because Of Disclosures By Mediacom?

This Website may allow you to interact with third parties that are either third party service providers of Mediacom or are independent of Mediacom. For example, we may allow a third party service provider to monitor your activities while on this Website to determine if you might benefit from a more personalized interaction, to determine what services we offer that may be of the most interest to the visitor, or we may permit advertisers to place ads on this Website that contain links to their own Websites. Some or all of these advertisers or other third parties may include cookies, clear gifs or other tracking devices in the ads or other content they post on our Website. If you choose to interact with third parties not acting directly on our behalf, or visit their Websites, you may enable them to independently learn personally identifiable information about you.

Once you leave this Website, then our privacy policy no longer applies to any information that you provide to any third party on another site or that any third party otherwise collects. (You can tell where you are on the World Wide Web by checking the address—known as a URL—in the location bar on your browser.) These third parties may have their own privacy policies, which may differ from Mediacom's policy. Mediacom is not responsible or liable if third parties do not have their own privacy policies; if they fail to follow their own policies; or if their policies do not correspond to ours or do not comply with applicable law.

We do not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness, nor endorse any content, viewpoints, products or services linked from this Website, and we disclaim liability for any consequences of your access to or use of any other site.

In addition, use of the Internet carries the inherent risk of unauthorized access to your files, communications and data. More information about this is provided below under "What Security Methods Are Used To Secure Online Data About Me?"

Correcting/Updating/Deactivating Personally Identifiable Information

If you use a feature of this Website that requires you to give us personally identifiable information, we may provide on this Website a method or instructions for updating that personally identifiable information or deactivating the service for which that information is used. This can also be done by contacting us as instructed under "What if I Have Questions About this Privacy Policy?" below. Please be aware, however, that even if you deactivate a service, we may retain your personally identifiable information for as long as may reasonably be required to comply with tax, accounting and any applicable contractual or legal requirements.

What Security Methods Are Used to Secure Online Data About Me?

We take reasonable technical and physical security steps to protect personally identifiable information. We may utilize secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to protect certain information provided to us on certain pages of this Website. While on a secure page, the lock icon on the bottom of Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes locked, as opposed to un-locked, or open, when users are just "surfing."

Nonetheless, we do not guarantee the security of our database or records, nor that unauthorized parties won't intercept information you send or receive over the Internet. The Internet, like all networks, is a shared resource, which means that it is inherently subjects you and other users to the risk of unauthorized access to your files and data. This may be the case even when passwords, SSL or other encryption and other security measures are implemented. These risks not unique to our Website, but are usually present whenever and however you access or use the Internet. Accordingly, if you use this Website or the Internet to send, receive or post personal, confidential or sensitive information, you do so solely at your own risk.

Information from the Federal Trade Commission about safely surfing the Web is available by clicking on the following link: While we are providing this link, we are not responsible for the content of the Commission's publication and do not guarantee that the suggestions it contains will be effective for the intended purposes.

Communications From This Website

If you request communication from this Website, such as via a chat or telephone conversation, either we or third party service providers acting on our behalf may contact you. If you use certain optional services or features of this Website, we may periodically communicate with you by email, telephone, postal mail or otherwise.

Some of those communications may be related to a service or feature of this Website that you order or request, such as to verify a password and username or to give notice of a temporary suspension of a service or feature for maintenance. In general, because these kinds of communications will relate to a service or feature you order or request, we ordinarily will not provide a means for opting-out of receiving these kinds of communications. Some of those communications may be promotions or other information concerning services, products, special deals and other matters that we think may be of interest, but that are not related to a service or feature you have ordered or requested. If we send these communications by email, we may include with the message a link to instructions about how you can opt-out of receiving further email communications of this kind. This can also be done by contacting us as instructed under "What If I Have Questions About This Privacy Policy?" below.

We Do Not Knowingly Collect Personally Identifiable Information From Children

Mediacom does not target children (under the age of thirteen) for collection of personally identifiable information through this Website or offline, and it is against our policies to knowingly gather that kind of information from children. Federal law requires website operators who knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen to first get parental consent, and children should always get permission from their parents before sending any information about themselves (such as their names, email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers) over the Internet, to us or to anyone else. Persons under the age of eighteen are not eligible to subscribe to Mediacom's cable television, Internet access or other services.

For the Federal Trade Commission's tips to parents about protecting their children's online privacy, click here: While we are providing this link, we are not responsible for the content of the Commission's publication and do not guarantee that the tips will be effective for the purposes provided.

Will Mediacom Change This Privacy Policy?

We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do so, we will post changes in a revised Privacy Policy available on this site or provide notice of such change by another method.

What If I Have Questions About This Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions about the provisions in this Privacy Policy, please contact Mediacom at:

Mediacom Communications Corporation
One Mediacom Way
Mediacom Park, NY 10918
Telephone: 845-443-2600
Fax: 845-698-4570

In addition, if you are a subscriber to any Mediacom cable television, Internet access or other service, you may also contact your local Mediacom cable system at the address and telephone number stated on your monthly bill.

Your California Privacy Rights

California Civil Code §1798.83 permits residents who have provided personal information to us to request information about our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their own direct marketing purposes. To make such a request or to opt-out of such disclosures in the future, please contact us at:

Mediacom Communications Corporation
One Mediacom Way
Mediacom Park, NY 10918
Telephone: 845-443-2600
Fax: 845-698-4570